The Life Of Singapore, Clean And Green Singapore Vs. The Polluted Philippines

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Migrations. Children typically detest them. It is in fact a big change: in lifestyle, surroundings, and even the language spoken in that particular country may be different. I personally got to witness these to be true. When I was six years old, my parents told me that we would be moving to Singapore. We were living in the Philippines then, and I was told that moving to Singapore is a big opportunity, as they are extremely advanced in education. I do not remember exactly how I felt about this information, to be honest, but something about what my mom told me says that I really was excited. Her exact words were, “Oh! You were excited! You started packing all your dolls, you know, the essentials, especially after finding out that there was going to be a swimming pool at the house we are going to move into.” So here we were in Singapore, clean and green Singapore, vs. the polluted Philippines. It was a big change in ambiance. The most challenging part was that I did not realize that I would have to learn how to speak in English. It was a struggle as the only words I knew were “yes”, “no”, “up”, and “down”. I was sure that when school started, I would be able to pick it up, and learn by hearing it everyday.
The first day of elementary school was nerve-wrecking, and the fact that I was not very fluent in English, made matters worse. I was determined to learn the language, as I knew that it was essential to surviving this country. When I entered the classroom, I felt a little…

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