The Life Of Sanford Lake Park - Original Writing Essay

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Walking into the small Sanford lake park, I feel the warm spring sun and the fresh breeze coming from Sanford dam, where there are fisherman always fishing even throughout the winter. Baseball and softball fields always filled with young children and parents practicing are spread all throughout the park. The scorching, black pavement was never freshly redone and the yellow parking lines had all but faded, yet it surrounded the best basketball court in all of Sanford. This court is not the most amazing in the eyes of everybody. Its worn cracked blue lines and not so orange rim paint peeling from the baskets are in need of major upgrades. Yet still was the one place that taught me the importance of hard work in life growing up.
When I was young my parents and I would pack up in the car and drive to my brother’s basketball games basketball was my brothers first true love. Every weekend, I remember waking up and listening to my brother as he would always be begging my mother to take him to Sanford park so they could practice his dribbling and shooting. It wasn’t until around my eleventh birthday that I finally wanted to go with my mother and brother to the park. My brother now being sixteen there wasn’t much of a competition in anything we ever did. I had always been incredibly competitive whether it be with video games, racing, or even who could finish their food for dinner the fastest. I always had to be the best at everything and that’s what my problem was growing up was I…

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