The Life Of An Advisor Essay

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The Life of an Advisor

An academic advisor plays a big role in the education field. Academic Advisors work in schools in order to help and guide students in the right direction when it comes to their education. My old high school advisor, Mrs. Davis, plays a very big role in my education now and while I was in high school. She is always there to help me and give me good advice about my college journey. Even though she is a high school advisor, and because of all the great things she has done for me and my education I chose to write my personal profile on her and her career as an advisor.
An Academic Advisor help students pick the right major and also the right classes in order for them to head down the right path in their career and in life. According to Academic Advisor: Jobs Description “Aspiring academic advisors typically earn an education-related bachelor 's degree and continue their education with a master 's degree related to educational counseling” (Academic Advisor Jobs). They are also required to have a state certification and some type of working experience in order to work at any school. An advisor has many duties when it comes to assisting students like making sure every student graduates and become successful. While also doing what they love by helping them find the perfect career. An advisor job is not always easy there is a lot of planning that comes with being an advisor. They have to plan students schedule for the next semester, make sure all students are…

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