Essay on The Life And Death Of Jesus

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The life and death of Jesus is a very important part of the Christian world view. Without Jesus Christ there would be no Christianity. He is the foundation or cornerstone of the Christian faith. Jesus gave all humans a chance to earn forgiveness and redemption in God 's eyes. He is the reason we shall find eternal salvation at the end of our time on Earth. There is so much to learn about Jesus that we might never been done learning.
In Matthew 24 we learn about the prophecies of Jesus. He tells us that there will be fake messiah, but that we must not believe them. Jesus tells of the end of times where God will take the elect to heaven and leave those non believers behind. The end will come when the sun darkens, the moon does not reflect the light, and the stars fall from the sky. We must be vigil in our beliefs, for we will not know when Jesus will come and we must always be on our best behavior. This has taught me to always try my best in all I do including doing my best while attending GCU. By getting my teaching degree I will be able to serve my community by teaching and nurturing the children in it. I have always tried to be true to Jesus and his teachings, this passage just gives me extra reason to do so in my everyday life. In today 's society there has been a lot of talk about the rapture, there are even movies about it. I think some people are too preoccupied by what will come, that they forget about what is here now and how to be the best servant for God possible.…

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