The Lessons That We Learn Our Educational Careers Follow Us Through Life

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The lessons that we learn in our educational careers follow us through life such as having

teachers who care, being the underdog, and deciding on our careers goals. My life has turned a

completely different way than when I was in college the first time. It took me a few years to

realize that these three lessons have helped shape my life for the better. I look back on them

and realize that I am a better person because of these very important things that have

happened. There are times that it takes some good trial and error to end up in a better spot in


Having a caring teacher is a very important thing when a child is in school and needs help

learning. My first year of kindergarten was a very trying and emotional time for me. All of the

other students were at least a year older and their learning levels were a lot higher than mine. I

always felt like I was failing my parents because I just could not reach the level that the other

students could. My teacher never focused on what could best help me get better at my work.

She never contacted my mother about my grades, nor how to try to get them at a better level.

She finally contacted my mother halfway through the year and told her that I just was not smart

like the others and would never get any better. She told her that she didn’t even bother to work

with me because she knew for a fact that I just was not worth the effort. It’s no joke she

actually said that to my mom. I was lucky to get an awesome…

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