The Legal Rule Of Employment Essay

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Employees who are employed by companies or certain establishments need to know that they are employees-at-will. Employment-at-will is a way that companies and establishments can keep employees doing what they want even if these certain actions may seem unethical. In fact, “Employment-at-will gives employers broad discretion to fire employees ‘for good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all,” which makes it challenging for employees to sue or even keep their jobs, if they are not doing what is asked of them, (Halbert, 49). Although employment-at-will is implemented, there are exceptions, which vary from state to state.
The legal rule of employment-at-will was developed in the nineteenth century, and it protected employers from being sued, while it did not benefit employees, (Halbert, 52). The first reform that came to help employees was the creation of unions. Employees had the right to unionize in 1935, which employers then could only fire these people with “good cause,” instead of no cause, or poor cause. The protection of all employees only came about in the 1960s when the federal civil rights laws were created. Unions started the movement of helping employees, but this was only truly beneficial to the people who were part of the unions. The 1960s civil rights acts helped all employees when it related to race, national origin, gender, and disability. The “1970s and 1980s, federal and state statutes included protection from retaliation for employees who report…

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