The Leadership Theory Of Leadership Essay

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The role leadership plays in change management is enormous bearing in mind the fact that leaders set the pace and direction of the project. Project leaders requires the skill to plan, mitigate risks and implement projects (Gerardi, 2011). Dickson and Tholl (2014) defines leadership as “the collective capacity of an individual or group to influence people to work together to achieve a common constructive purpose”. This definition implies that leading people may require a blend of different leadership skills and styles. There are different leadership styles, with each, having its pros and cons. My leadership style will be a mix of autocracy and democracy being that at sometimes I will be taking quick decisions in the interest of our goal, while at other times, the decisions need to be collective.
Consequently, like the one leading the change, my assertiveness, accountability, dedication, empathy, motivation and communication skills will be displayed. Shenhar (2004) asserts that the best managers are leaders who can create a spark that drives their teams to achieve the vision. Kotters (2001) alludes to the fact that leaders should be able to set the direction, cope with change and inspire their followers. Over the years, I have gathered experience in leading people both at work and in the church. However, my team members who are also leaders in their specialities will compensate for the skills I lack. De Vries (2006) maintains that leadership style is a…

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