The Leadership Team Of Southwest Essay

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D. Internal Analysis
General Administration The leadership team of Southwest is known for being relaxed but efficient and fun. When asked about how he made it work with committed employees he replied: “be there when they’re having problems and stay out of their way when things are going well” (Reingold). Herb went on to say that leadership is not a power thing but a “responsibility to others” (Reingold).
Keeping costs low is an essential in keeping the low airfare that Southwest provides. Labor and fuel cost make up the majority of operational expenses. While other airlines have incurred bankruptcy and layoffs through fuel price increases and economic activity over the past Southwest has efficiently planned and overcome the obstacles Alpern, 2011). In 2010, Former CFO Laura Wright spoke about how the company had to widen scenarios to plan for a larger range of uncertainty following the financial crisis of 2008 when fuel prices had the wide range of $147 to $35 (Alpern, 2011).
Human Resources At Southwest Airlines employees come first, customers second, and shareholders third, in hopes that a happy employee transitions to a happy customer, and happy shareholders (Martin, 2015). Employees are given the autonomy to do what they think is best, for the customer and the company. Around 47,000 employees occupy roles in airport operations, call centers, flight attendants, aircraft maintenance, corporate careers, pilots and flight operations, each playing a…

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