The Leadership Role Has Been My Position As A Color Guard Captain And Marching Band Leader?

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Auburn Application
Describe extracurricular activities, including leadership positions, in which you have participated.
My most significant leadership role has been my position as a color guard captain and marching band leader. I have learned to be observant of negative attitudes and how to avoid allowing situations to arise in which team mates might negatively criticize each other. I have also learned to maintain a productive atmosphere when our supervisors are busy with administrative organization. Most importantly, I have learned to lead by example, which includes maintaining a positive and energetic attitude and holding my self-standards high and always being respectful to the adults involved in the marching band program. In addition, I participate in National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. Both societies require a level of community participation that has led me to volunteering regularly with organizations such as Madison Animal Rescue Foundation or contributing to events such as crop drops and music camps. Outside of school, I take guitar and piano lessons weekly, guitar for the past two years and piano for eleven.
Describe your employment experiences, including positions held, job responsibilities, and dates of employment.
The only paying job I have held included teaching piano to my neighbor for several months from February to May of 2015. She was familiar with playing by ear, so my primary goal was to teach her to read sheet music. Unlike tangible goods, music…

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