The Law Of The Court Hearing Process Essays

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When a Citizen Goes to Court
(1) Citizens play an active role in the court process. Begin your response by identifying at least two different ways that citizens interact with the court process and explaining these roles. List two different ways that citizens interact with the court process and explain these roles. Next, compare and contrast the roles you selected with respect to their interactions with court personnel during the court hearing process.

There are many ways citizens play an active role in the court hearing process. One of the ways involves being a victim of a crime as a result of some unlawful action committed directly against the citizen. Chamerlin and Thomas (2012), suggests that unlawful action may involve a violation of some municipal code or ordinance, a violation of some state statute or a violation of some federal statute. Another situation whereby citizens could find themselves in court is if they were the perpetrator who themselves commit a criminal violation against another person, and now they are a defendant within the court hearing process. If and when citizens are victimized by a crime, it could be quite an unsavory happenstance in which they find themselves forced into the criminal justice system. As a result of being victimized, they may be required to appear before the court and testify against the violator of the alleged crime, or the case could be dismissed. Should they choose to cooperate in the legal process and come to…

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