Case Study: Defendant V. US

27. The Plaintiff 's actions are detrimental to the Defendant 's daughter due to the fact that the Plaintiff is teaching her daughter like she has taught her son that the laws of the government can be ignored along with valid Court orders.
28. Both the Defendant’s children’s records demonstrate the detrimental harm that the Plaintiff has continuously brought to the Defendant’s children in her efforts to alienate them from their father. Additionally, as noted, the Defendant’s son who has not had visitation with him for several years now has a criminal record and has demonstrated a total disregard for the law and for law enforcement officers.


29. On Friday, February 12, 2016, the Defendant 's daughter came to the Defendant 's home by riding the school bus that evening she was supposed to stay
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On February 17, 2016 the Defendant 's daughter contacted him at work, where she informed him because he was trying to modify custody that she was not going to come to his house on Friday as scheduled and that if he should come to the Plaintiff 's house to pick her up that she would call the police.
38. The Defendant on the following day emailed his daughter 's school with a copy of the order awarding him visitation on every Friday, which also ordered that he was to pick her up at school at the end of the school day. (Docket 444). The school then emailed the Defendant that they would make sure that she did not get on the bus and would be available for him to pick her up.
39. It should be noted, that the Defendant’ was incorrect in that the order did not permit him to pick up his daughter at the school, but at the Plaintiff’s residence. However, it was the practice that when the Defendant was living in Columbia, that he picked up his daughter at the school because the Plaintiff was hostile towards him and did not want him to come to the door of her residence for the Defendant to pick up his

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