The Last Song Personal Response Essay

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“The Last Song” is a breathtaking film directed by Julie-Anne Robinson about a teenage girl, Ronnie, whose parents divorced when she was young and she has been rebellious ever since. Ronnie and her father had a special language they spoke through, music. When Ronnie’s parents divorce she refused to play. Not only did she loose contact with her dad she lost contact with music too. This is until Ronnie and her brother Jonah are sent to stay with their dad in North Carolina over the summer.
The main themes in this movie are love and forgiveness and Ronnie is truly admirable in both these aspects.

Ronnie’s relationship with her dad is lost when her parents divorced because they had a special connection through music. Ronnie blamed her dad
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Just a short while after I lost a chunk of hair out of the back of my head and I was teased and told I had cancer. Luckily I didn’t but it really upset and worried me. Getting told by my friends I had cancer was hard enough but being told by a professional doctor or nurse would be traumatising.

I am inspired by how Ronnie is so forgiving throughout the film. Ronnie hears rumours that her dad burnt down the local church. Ronnie’s dad was pulled out of the church unconscious one night after it caught on fire. Ronnie’s dad had just taken his cancer medication and was playing the piano when the church caught on fire. Luckily he survived thanks to the fire fighters but he, and Ronnie were blamed for the loss of the church. Ronnie asked her dad what happened and he blamed himself for the fire but Ronnie didn’t believe him for a second and this was truly inspirational. After this Ronnie accidentally over heard a conversation between her dad, Will and Scott. Ronnie was shocked and fought with Will for not telling her or her dad sooner and letting her dad believe that he lit the church on fire. Ronnie and Will didn’t make contact again until the funeral. Before the funeral Ronnie opened the letters her dad had sent her during her parents’ separation and learnt lessons about love, faith, forgiveness and life. These made Ronnie realise that she needed to forgive Will because everybody makes mistakes no matter how hard they try not to. Personally I would always have a

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