Essay on The Korean War

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The Korean War is one of the most well known wars due to the fact that it caused North and South Korea to split and it created allies around the world. North Korea is one of the most powerful and unpredictable countries in the world and it wants to defeat countries like South Korea and the United States. The Truman Doctrine, Policy of Containment and the Domino Theory all play a role on how the US did not want to see other countries become communist. China recently became a communist country so the US did not want Korea to be influenced by them since the idea of communism would spread around the world. Many American troops are stationed in South Korea now to help protect the citizens especially in Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea. The war officially lasted about three years, but it truly never ended since there is still conflict today. The war costed lives of thousands of people and left many families devastated. The Korean War was the start of the Cold War because it forced many countries to choose either to support communism or non communist countries.

China, one of the world 's most powerful countries, became communist in 1949 by the influence of the Soviet Union. The United States did not want other countries to become communist so they knew they had to stop it from spreading. The Truman Doctrine, written in 1947, is an example on what steps the United States would take to keep communism from spreading. The Truman Doctrine states that, “of the foreign…

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