Essay On The Causes Of The Cold War Dbq

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Following World War II, The United States and Soviet Union emerged as the greater powers. This created a tremendous rivalry between the two nations, which sparked the Cold War. While the cold war lasted from 1947 - 1991, and there were other extensive problems that were also going on during this time, such as the Korean War in 1953, as well as War, peace, and international tensions in 1962. The Cold War vastly affected American society by causing the fear of the spread of communism, as well as shocked many citizens of the United States with the events that were taking place, and lost focus on education.

Many people feared the spread of communism throughout the United States during the Cold War. In order to ensure the loyalty of every worker
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In the United States of America, once a male turns eighteen years of age, their name is automatically entered into a draft for the war. Document 7 shows how the names are all take at the age of eighteen, and then randomly chosen once people are needed. Although males may or may not be chosen at some point in time, it was unfair that all of the names were put into the draft system. Because of this, a multitude of people were shocked by how unfair the system actually was. Citizens were also astonished at the fact that the United States could be bombed anytime in the near future (Document 7). Beneficial to most, Americans often built bomb shelters in their backyards so that they were able to protect their family (Document 5). During the Cold war, ads were put out that advertised items such as nuclear fallout shelters, family radiation survival radio set/kit, family atomic fallout shelter supplies, and fallout shelter toilet facilities. These kits and handy objects were often created in hopes that people would make money selling the items, as well as making the families that were buying these things feel more protected at home, in case of an atomic bomb attack (Fallout Shelter, Station

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