Essay on The Knowledge Deficit Among Emergency Room Nurses

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The knowledge deficit among emergency room nurses in regards to assessment and recognition of sepsis has a great impact on the mortality of patients presenting with sepsis. Robson (2007) states the key to successful outcomes for patients being treated for sepsis is early identification and treatment. According to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (2007) sepsis not treated aggressively and appropriately can cause increased hospital length of stay and mortality rates.
The current education process for sepsis at Riverside Community Hospital consists of an annual power-point presentation for the staff to read. The HealthStream class presentation is online and can be accessed from work or home. The nursing managers refresh the staff to sepsis guidelines or new written protocols bi-weekly during pre-shift meetings. A study conducted by Delaney, Friedman, Dolansky, and Fitzpatrick (2015) emphasized tested knowledge of critical care and emergency nurses before and after a specially designed educational program. The results concluded the participants felt more competent, and their posttest knowledge scores improved (Delaney, Friedman, Dolansky, & Fitzpatrick, 2015).
The purpose of this descriptive, quantitative, longitudinal study is to measure the existing knowledge of the emergency room nurses regarding sepsis protocol at Riverside Community Hospital. The study will use pre and post rating scale test and a self-reported demographic survey tool to test the nurses’ knowledge.…

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