Book Report Hatchet

Introduction :

Have you ever imagined about that if you are alone in the whole island? Maybe almost everyone of you had thought about it once, at least. It was fun for me to think about that subject. It was interesting to think about what am I going to dop without no one's help. Completely alone. The book Hatchet that is written by Gary Paulsen is about that imagination. Actually, it is not imagination for Brian, the main character, but he is in the book that we had finished before, and it was fiction novel.


This story broke out for 54 days. Brian, the main character took an airplane that goes to Canada, where his father live in. However, while the plane was going, pilot got heart attack, and die very suddenly. So the plane
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First, the main character brian is 13 years old boy who his parents got divorced. So he had many hurts of soul, and he tries to live during 54 days that he had been in the wilderness with those hurts. Actually, he tried to kill himself with the hatchet, but he thought that is life is so important. Therefore, he became more confidential, and grew up. He got ideas about his parents, and he got answers for his …show more content…
But at that night, a skunk goes in to his tent. When he screamed, it made real bad smell. He could not see anything and could not do anything. When morning came, he made some spears, and sharp things that can hunt animals. However, a big tornado came and made everything wrong. After the tornado, he found out the end part of the plane that he had rode few weeks ago. Then he tries to go to that plane with his own made boat and made a big hole to the plane, and he success with that either. He got package of emergency, and then he tried to eat the instant food. Also inside the box, there was a kind of phone that can touch to other airport. But he does not knew how to touch it. He tried to do that, but it does not worked, so he moved it away. However, actually, it worked. So then the rescue plane got that electric wave, and came to rescue

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