The Journey Of Jesus 's Message Essay

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Long before the time of Christ lived Arabs called Bedouins they were an animistic, tribal people who worshiped over 300 nature idols. In the sixth century C.E. the Arabs remained un-united until the birth of a prophet named Muhammad in 570 in the city of Mecca. According to Muslim teachers the archangel, Gabriel appeared to Muhammad at the age of forty-one and commanded him to receive the revelation of Allah, Arabic meaning “God”. Muhammad then declared himself the final messenger after Abraham through Moses and Jesus. Muhammad began to preach what Gabriel had relayed to him by emphasizing on the importance of the community to bond between Allah and his followers to live every aspect of their lives and conduct through the love of God. Muhammad’s message was not being accepted from the people of Mecca and he decided to hijra, meaning to migrate to the city of Medina. Eight years later Muhammad returned with some 10,000 followers to his birth city of Mecca along with his followers Muhammad conquered the city destroying all idols, except for the Black Stone. After Muhammad assumed all spiritual and political authority uniting a religious bond in the community. Muhammad’s followers were referred to as Muslims, meaning those who submit to Allah. His follower’s now honored him as the last prophet. Muslims acknowledge Allah as the one true God. Now fulfilled the Judeo-Christian Deliverance, Islam meaning submission to the God’s will completes God’s revelation to humankind. Shahadah…

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