The Issue Of The Legalization Of Abortion Essay

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Women in the United States faced with many complications defending the legalization of abortion. The case of Roe vs. Wade is a well-known case that allowed for the legalization of abortion. (Resource). Before the legalization of abortion, there were women who still aborted illegally, and the legalization provided a safe environment for the women to perform abortion. Legalization of abortion provided women with a choice in regards to keeping the pregnancy to term or terminate the pregnancy. This choice is and has been a controversial one, which results in many debates for and against abortion. The decision to abort or maintain a pregnancy is divisive in terms of politics, ethics, and science. Abortion is an activity that predates any recorded history. It used to be a brutal process that threatened the life of the woman before the advancement of modern medical advances. With the current medical technology, abortion is a safe process that poses no risk to the mother. There are many reasons that would result in a woman preferring to terminate a pregnancy. Understanding the underlying reasons is vital in this debate. Focusing only on the morality of the issue denies a pregnant woman the option of choice (source). If abortion becomes illegal, many women will revert to doing it under unsafe conditions, which will defeat the reasons behind making abortion illegal. The government is not required to interfere in the choice a person makes in life. Therefore, abortion should be legal,…

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