The Issue Of The Civil War Essay

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The actions of the South in 1860 represent a mark on this nation’s history that will always be present. A blemish on her face that represents the vigor and nationalism represented by these confederates towards their ideals and mantras. The future of slavery was the ugly truth behind the civil war and the outcome of the civil war would change the future of the United States as a whole for all the time to come. Slavery was the hot button issue in politics during the time period, the south 's economy, traditions, and lifestyle was centered around this barbaric practice. Even though slavery was much a part of daily life for many individuals, opposition from some of them might have stemmed from moral beliefs or a conscious effect. Leading into the vote on succession, the ratio of slaves per white man explains Georgia 's secessionist stance as well as DeKalb and Burke Counties stances.
Throughout the research for this paper, many date sources were examined to give a bigger picture ideal leading into this document. The availability of transportation was looked at. This could explain succession ideals by looking at how much wealth the county had flowing in and out of itself via transportation. The number of total slaves per population was looked into, as this could highlight how much of the county was composed of and dependent on slave labor and culture. Agricultural wealth per white man was another source we examined, this could give light into how much of the counties wealth was…

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