The Issue Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Before the twenty-first century, teenage pregnancy has been taboo; however, it has been prevalent in society. Over the years, according to Evelyn Kappeler (2013), director of the HHS office of Adolescent Health, the United States teen birth rate has decreased to “26.5 births per 1,000 females in 2013” for females aged fifteen to nineteen years old making it the lowest teen birth rate in the history of United States (para. 5). The reason behind the decrease in teenage pregnancy can be credited to the addition of health clinics within schools. Jacoba Urist (2015), journalist for NBC News, wrote that these School-Based Health Centers, or SBCHs, offer numerous health services and are completely free of charge (para. 1). The on campus SBCHs are designed to provide quality health care for people of all backgrounds including those without health insurance. Possibly the best thing these SBCHs are doing for their schools are providing contraceptives for their students. The centers provide students with necessary tools for safe sex and preventing pregnancies. Though the national teen birth rate has decreased, teenage pregnancy is still a problem that needs to be solved sooner rather than later. In order to “tackle” teen pregnancy, School-Based Health Centers must be implemented nationwide.
The most common form of contraceptive, or way of preventing pregnancy, is the condom. According to Better Homes and Gardens (2015), when used correctly, a latex condom can prevent pregnancy as well…

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