Should Adolescents Be Allowed To Receive Birth Control?

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Sexual intercourse amongst adolescents is occurring more frequently now than ever before. According to Kurt Conklin, 46 percent of high school teenagers have engaged in sexual activities before completing high school. Sex is a highly regarded intimate activity that is worth being saved for marriage, but most young teens are experimenting it now for “enjoyment” or from peer pressure. Since more adolescents are having sexual intercourse, pregnancy rates are increasing. Teenagers are becoming pregnant because they are not practicing preventive contraception. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained 249,078 babies were born to young teens in 2014; nonetheless, the rates declined to 9 percent in the year of 2013. The cause of the decline was uncertain; however, a reason could be the usage of birth control. Birth control prevents teen pregnancies and abortions – when teens know about it and are able to use it. Therefore, some states are allowing adolescents to receive birth control at their own risk. Clinics believe sharing personal information with parents is a form of violating teens’ privacy. Although parents may disagree with their child or children’ decision, young teenagers should be allowed to receive birth control because sex is everywhere, challenging conversations with parents, and …show more content…
In addition, it helps to regulate women’s menstrual cycles and it controls a females’ hormones. Adolescents should be allowed to receive birth control because of the negative sexual influences that are everywhere in society, extremely challenging conversations, and the decline in pregnancies. Birth control does have it pros and cons; however, being protected from pregnancy and abortions is better than not being protected. By allowing young teenagers access to birth control, they can be protected if they decide to engage in sexual activities or already in sexual

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