The Issue Of Palestinian Statehood And Kashmiri Independence From India

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The issue of Palestinian statehood and Kashmiri independence from India are two of the most important issues in today’s world. The Palestinian conflict is a constant source of contention in both the Arab states and the United States where opinions are often deeply divided. The violence that it incites, and its ability to consistently capture both media and government attention make it one of the most salient movements in the sphere of Terrorism and Politics. The Kashmiri crisis not only has caused multiple wars between Pakistan and India, but has become one of the most destabilizing factors in the region as it spirals out of control. Not to mention the nuclear capabilities of both countries and the threat that escalation of the conflict poses in relation to that. These conflicts have been going on for decades and continue to do so without much progress and it is their longevity that makes them dangerous, as the conflict shifts these terrorist groups from movements, to permanent fixtures in society. Both the Jihadi groups in Israeli occupied territories and the Jihadi groups in Kashmir have become distracted from their primary motivations due to state interference, focus on secondary motivations, and group splintering. State interference started off as a source of power for these groups. In Israeli occupied territories groups like the PLO and Hamas had backing from many of the Arab states at first militarily and then financially through private channels. In Kashmir…

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