The Issue Of Gun Laws Essay examples

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This killer was walking into Denver Texas walking with a 22 pistol looking for his next target. He spotted a 54 year old man that looked defenceless and harmless. The killer approached the his target, pulled out his gun, and screamed ,” Give me your money!” The 54 year old, with a smirk on his face, Pulled out a gun and said,” NOT A CHANCE.” These situations occur throughout the world, but people in some states have to be a certain age to conceal and carry .If some states didn’t have such strict gun laws, some people would feel safer, have less violence, and also creates another skill to defend yourself if some of the gun laws change.
Most People do not believe to own guns and others shouldn’t either, but more and more people do . Having more gun laws makes it harder for people that wants if for self-defence to get one, and people using it to harm/kill people will find a way to get one no matter what the cost. “ Proposing more gun control laws - while failing to enforce the thousand we already have- is not a serious solution to reduce crime.”( Hills.) So why make it harder for people to defend their-self and their family when nothing is going to top the criminals in the first place?
Every day there are crimes and a lot of violence including weapons like knives and guns that are most common to use. “Independent studies, including a study from the Clinton Justice Department, proved that ban had no impact on lowering crime” (Hills). Most people that are everyday city people or…

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