The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

757 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
Gun control is always a hot topic in the headlines but it has been especially hot since the 2016 elections are upon us. Everyone wants to know what each of the candidate’s potion is on the topic of gun control. Well if you ask my opinion we are in desperate need of better and more regulations concerning guns. The amount of mass shootings that have occurred just over the past 30 years alone raises a high concern for better gun regulations. The fact that most of these mass shootings that have taken place involved legal weapons which is a huge red flag for more gun control. The high rate of suicides and homicides that coincide with guns is yet another reason for better gun control. Hello people we are clearly doing something wrong when most of the deaths that occur in the United States is caused by guns. The solution to this problem is better gun control.
Let’s just talk about mass shootings. The Washington post states that from 1982 to 2012 61 mass murders have occurred. 61 mass murders! That is a profoundly large number of mass murders that we as a nation helped commit. You ask how did we help commit these horrendous acts? Well did you know that of the 61 mass murders 49 of them where done with the use of legal weapons (shown in the graph below). So the argument that mass shootings only happen because crazy people get their hands on illegal weapons is not a very valid argument is it? Since the facts show that more than 80 percent of mass murders are done with legal weapons,…

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