Gun Control In School Shootings

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In 2012, 14,287 people were killed by the use of guns, whileen in 1995 the number of homicides was 21,606. That is a drop of about 5 percent. The reason for this drop is because of the new gun control laws that are being put into effect. This trend must be able to continue. There must be stricter gun control laws in the United States because of recent school shootings, the amount of gun-related deaths, and the mentally ill getting easy access to these weapons.
There are many more incidences where guns are used to harm than protect in school shootings such as the Newtown School Shootings. Here is a quote form one of the parents whose 5 year old son was shot and killed at Sandy Hookin the Newtown Shootings, "The liberty of any person to
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A sixth grade teacher in Utah shot herself accidentally when her concealed fireman discharged and she was shot in the leg. She was fined and Utah law allows concealed carry of a firearm. What if she was in a classroom and it went off and shot one of her students? The school did not even know that she had a firearm on her person. They refused to ask questions because the law does not allow them to ask if she carries a gun. The move to put a gun in a school is already dangerous, because accidents happen like this one. GThe guns are not to be in schools for the safety of faculty, staff, and students (Utah Teacher).
Even the President has taken actions to put more strain on gun control laws. “In January 2013, President Obama presented his comprehensive plan to prevent gun violence in the U.S. It included: improving background checks, banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines of ammunition, among other provisions” (11 Facts about Guns). There is also a safety precaution for owners with guns. It is a trigger lock device that prevents the gun from misfiring to help promote a safe environment. This will help the accidental misfires like the one described above in Utah so citizens of the United States can remain
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These guns are sold illegally on a black market, and they can be sold without background checks. Even the criminally insane and the mentally ill can purchase and own these weapons. Countries especially in Europe who have tougher gun control have less gun violence and deaths, which prevents school shootings like the United States has had in the recent years. Like Harvey Weinstein said “If we don’t gun-control laws in this country, we are full of beans. To have the National Rifle Association rule the United States is Pathetic. And I agree with Mayor Bloomberg: It’s time to put up or shut up for both parties”. In order to keep this trend of fewer deaths happening every year, there must be stricter gun control laws in order to promote a safe and stable environment for the citizens of the United States of

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