The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

1934 Words Apr 15th, 2015 8 Pages
A Target Worth Aiming At With an average of 4.3 million firearms being added to the United States each year, gun control is one of the most rapidly growing problems in our nation. The right to bear arms was the 2nd amendment in our Constitution; so obviously to our forefathers this has been a very important ideal since the beginning of our nation. Without implementing some sort of law in the coming years, all citizens will soon be in danger. According to the National Institute of Justice, approximately 414,562 firearm incidents occurred in 2011. This is much higher than the 331,618 incidents that occurred antecedently in 2008. Rates of homicides, injuries, and shootings will only continue to rise if this problem is not met with a solution immediately. Fortunately, since this issue has been around for hundreds of years, there are many solutions to choose from. The solutions that I will present will not only benefit our society, but also revolutionize the way that we look at and think of firearms. The most outstanding solution in my eyes is to ban any weapon that even somewhat resembles a toy. These cases can easily be prevented, and occur much too often. The second solution is to ban all assault rifles. By doing this, we will have unnecessarily dangerous weapons off our streets, and the “cool” appeal of firearms will be taken away. The next should be to ban all magazines that carry more than ten rounds. It is completely unnecessary to be able to fire more than ten rounds…

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