Essay On Gun Laws In Australia

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In 1996 the mass killing of 35 people at Port Arthur led to Australia’s government deciding to induce radical changes in gun control. The result of this decision was to implement the strictest firearm control polices the country had ever seen, and to remove nearly all guns from civilian hands. Australia implemented a buy back policy in which all firearms were demanded to be turned into the police and citizens would be reimbursed. In total 643,726 firearms were turned in by Australian citizens which were subsequently destroyed by police forces. After the forced turn-in of all firearms strict polices were induced in order to control those who still had weapons. These policies included a mandatory 28 day waiting period for all firearm applications, and a requirement that all firearms issued came directly from the government. Also a genuine reason, which excluded the reasoning of simple self defense, was required to …show more content…
There is a lot of inaccurate data and here-say surrounding Australia 's recent decision to institute strict gun laws, with one side claiming the agreement is saving countless lives and another saying the absence of weapons has caused uncontrollable crime. The abundance of evidence this journal provides puts the rumors to bed and effectively proves that the removal of firearms has done very little for Australia 's firearm related crime-rate. Even with this article giving solid evidence and insight on the ineffectiveness of the NFA, I personally feel that many aspects are not being taken into consideration. While I am entirely against strict gun control laws such as this, some good can come from it. The fact that Australia has yet to have another mass shooting since 1996 proves that the NFA is accomplishing something. With mass shootings of innocents being attempting in America at least once a week, the comparison between our countries is impossible to

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