The Importance Of Gun Control In The United States

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Gun Control is an issue for all countries, especially America because Americans love guns and carrying guns as a human right. However, America tries to forbid gun usage might cause bad consequences against the society. For example, in 1917, Eighteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United State announced that the United State implemented Prohibition, which is an act of prohibited manufacturing, transportation, import, export, sale, drinking wine, including alcoholic beverages. However, the Prohibition contained and caused so many problems. For instance, criminal organization seized the chance to illegally brew wine and most of the alcohol contains things that are hazardous to human bodies, such as caused deafness and brain damage. Also, …show more content…
Gun control is a set of policies that regulate the manufacturing, transfer, sale, and modification by civilians. There are always two kinds of people, one with an agreement and the others are disagreeing. People used to think guns are dangerous no matter to the society or personal, but some people would say that take control of the guns is the act of infringing their freedom of carrying guns. To achieve the Gun control is tough without a doubt because the numbers of the guns are enormous in the society, including legal and illegal guns. Therefore, stricter gun laws are difficult to make our country safer and the gun law is not strict enough because criminals can have their own way of getting guns, and the crime rate might increase against those law-abiding …show more content…
The stricter gun law might become the prohibition of guns, which Americans would not agree. The second Amendment gives the right to all Americans to carry guns, which is their human right to use guns. A stricter gun law would be considered to take away their human rights. Most people disagree gun control is because that self-defense is the basic human rights and cannot be deprived. Wilson informs, “The available evidence supports the claim that self-defense is a legitimate form of deterrence. People who report to the National Crime Survey that they defended themselves with a weapon were less likely to lose property in a robbery or be injured in an assault than those who did not defend themselves” (127). What he mentions is that guns are used for self-defense are more often than for crime. Citizens without guns for self-defense, when they encounter robbery or broke in, might increase the crime rate. Therefore, I think that stricter gun control would not make the country safer but deteriorate the safety of the

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