The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Gun control is a hot political topic that has become pervasive throughout society and leaves virtually no one untouched. There are a lot of factors and actors that come into play when considering the effects guns have in present society. To understand gun control one must understand the history of laws that have been passed up until now and the politicians lobbying for them. One must understand the politicians themselves and what interests they hold. One also must understand guns to a certain extent. I believe that there should be some action taken by supporters and non-supporters in order for them to ideally meet somewhere in the middle. There can 't be a society without guns, nor there a society with too many guns. Before delving into my oppositional viewpoint I must explain four important factors that make up “gun control.” These factors are the Brady Law, license, permit, and register. All four factors are related to how gun control has been shaped by the introduction of criminal background checks. Brady Law relates to if criminal background checks were enforced prior to laws mandated in 1994. License refers to whether or not an individual can lawfully purchase and own a firearm. Permit refers to the need to acquire a legal certification to purchase a firearm. Register refers to the need to document all firearms possessed (La Valle). Understanding the factors that lead up to and cause gun violence are critically important. One study reports that the region in which…

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