Abortion Is Murder

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Abortion has become the current hot topic in the United States due to its divisiveness. It is such a controversial topic because of the various norms, values, and institutions that society has constructed. The social norm of getting married and raising children has a heavy influence upon the many young girls that visit the abortion clinics. Furthermore, it is scandalous to be a young single parent. One also has to take into account the difficulty of raising a child on one income. Many girls resort to solving their problem by getting an abortion, which to some people who are anti-abortionists are considered as a murder. In my opinion, everyone grows up differently, not everyone is blessed to grow up in a loving home and not everyone should procreate. …show more content…
According to the article, Should Abortion be Legal, a lot of people believe that “abortion is murder (par. 2).” I completely agree with this statement because every child deserves to be lived and loved. Furthermore, once a couple decides to sexual intercourse, they should know that it will result in a pregnancy. If they did not want to have a child, they should have used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Once a woman is pregnant, she should not abort a child at all because it is a blessing from god and there are hundreds of thousands of couples who cannot have children due to medical and physical conditions. Moreover, in the article, it is stated that “abortion causes psychological damage and young adult women who undergo abortion may be at increased risk for subsequent depression (par.12).” This is another solid reason that abortion should not be permitted because it can cause a life-long depression. A lot of researches and studies have shown that once a woman aborts a child, she feels the remorse for her entire life and always fears that she might not be able to have a child ever again. I have seen a lot of young girls who have done abortions and now they are regretting their decisions. In addition, “A 2002 peer-reviewed study published by the Southern Medical Journal of more than 173,000 American women found that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term (par. 13).” A lot of people also argue that instead of having an abortion due to financial and personal reasons, a woman should give birth, so the couples who cannot have babies get the chance to adopt. Also, the legalization of abortion sends a wrong message to masses because it devalues a life of a human being. I believe abortion should not be permitted because every person contributes to our society in a positive and a negative way. According to Heisman Trophy-winning

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