Essay about The Issue Of Abortion On The World Of Medical Ethics

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Modern technology has advanced in such a way that has allowed for safe abortions to be carried out. An abortion is the premature termination of a fetus before it is born, but is an immense debate in the world of medical ethics. There is no clear cut answer as to which side of the argument is correct, as the debate dives into many grey philosophical areas, such as what is considered a person and how much autonomy should play a role in such a controversial decision. In modern China and India, the issue of abortion extends past this broad definition into an even more grey area. Sex selective abortions are abortions that occur by using ultrasound technology to assess the gender of a fetus and choosing to abort a female fetus for a variety of questionably ethical and sexist reasons (Dugger 2001:140). On a micro level, we can assess both sides of this ethical dilemma by looking at the conflict between a patient’s autonomy to choose what she does with her body, and the justice involved in promoting a sex discrimination. We can take this analysis further by looking at the issue of sex selective abortions on a larger macro scale, whether a utilitarianism or deontological perspective is more appropriate for considering the ethics of such an abortion. In China and India, both countries with more than two billion people, there is the strong presence of a patriarchal family and the lack of a universal, government-sponsored social security system (Dugger 2001:140). With both of these…

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