Essay on The Is The Oldest Of Three Children

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Juan is a second grader that has been experiencing chronic misbehaviors daily in the classroom. He is the oldest of three children. The youngest is a newborn. A few of the behaviors observed that could be possibly caused by the stress of a newborn in the house are sucking his thumb as well as screaming and crying a t drop off time. To help eliminate this behavior teacher should encourage family to set aside a few extra minutes at drop off so the Juan can have a little one on one before starting his day. Juan has a difficult time interacting with his peers indoors and outdoors. Pairing him up with a special buddy may encourage positive interactions between him and other children in the class. He is also having a difficult time completing in class assignment and returning homework to school. Perhaps the work may be to challenging for him to understand and may need some additional one on one with the assignments. It would be beneficial to use the “I” statement when communicating with Juan. Advising him that you are there for him while working through assignments if he needs assistance. Cheating as a child enters primary level grades is unacceptable however this can be a bit confusing for a child entering first grade. During the preschool and kindergarten levels they are encourage working together and helping a friend or copy things such as patterns and now as they enter higher grades this is considered bad. Clear expectations of the child at the first grade level…

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