The Internet 's Effect On College Students Essay

771 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
The internet is one of the greatest inventions in the last century. However, some people abuse it and for this reason it can also be the worst invention in the last century. The internet is a fundamental tool to college students. The internet’s effects on college students are both positive and negative; it can help them achieve better grades, communicate with one another and provide entertainment.

On the web, there are hundreds of thousands of websites, ranging from league of legends tutorials to origami tutorials. People, especially college students, tend to use the internet in a way which will not benefit them. One time, I started my homework but I felt like I needed some music. I opened YouTube and looked for my favorite artist; hours later I found myself looking at puppy husky videos. Needless to say, I didn’t finish my homework. The internet can be great if we use it the right way. Another day, I went to a study group. Everyone had brought their laptop and so I thought no work would get done. To my surprise, everyone maintained focus for the two hours that the study group had to meet. My classmates used their laptops to find better ways to solve the problems we had been assigned. This time the internet was our friend and it led us to success. Everyone in the study group went on to ace the upcoming test. When used correctly, the internet can become your best study partner. On the other hand, when used incorrectly, it can be your biggest accomplice in failure.


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