The Institution Of Marriage Is Important For The Normal Growth And Development Of A Child

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The institution of marriage is very important for the normal growth and development of a child. As a child grows, it needs the attention of both father and mother in various social and economic contexts. It also learns a lot from the father and the mother about its own identity and how to lead a better future life. It is unfortunate that almost half of all marriages in the United States often end up in divorce. According to a study by Arnett, a number of factors have been cited as the cause of the growing cases of divorce in the country (43). The study shows that the growing trend in cases of divorce is largely attributed to the women empowerment in this country. In the past, cases of divorce were rare because women were often determined to stay within their marriage even when they are abused. This was partly so because they had to rely on their husbands for economic support. The society did not tolerate divorce at that time making it rare to find such cases in the American society. However, a lot has changed since that time. Women have been empowered and they now have the capacity to support themselves financially. The society is also transformed and divorce is no longer stigmatized as was the case in the past. These two major changes in the modern society are believed to be the main reasons why divorce has become very common in the American society.
It is not easy to come up with a common solution to address the problem of divorce in the country because of…

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