Benefits Of Living With Divorced Parents

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For many year, the struggles that are being faced by the children growing up with a divorced or a single parent family, have been viewed with sympathy and with great solicitude. Living with divorced parents instead of with a married couple might seem impossible for some yet over the decades in has become more prevalent. In today’s society, many children with divorced parents have grown up with determination to become successful to cross over the rocky path that life bestows upon all human beings. Rebecca Johnson, is among one of the children with divorced parents who is planning on suing both her parents for contribution toward her Seton Hall University tuition. Parents are obligated to provide their children with the basic necessities of life …show more content…
However, an undergraduate education is not nearly as necessary as food, shelter, and medical care because one can still make a living with a basic high school education. Opponents for this argument, might come to quick conclusion that without a college education a child would be severely restrained from pursing most trades and professions because he or she would be forced to compete against people who possessed greater skill as a result of such higher education. Conversely, there are many job available in this world that only require a high school degree, therefore in order to stand on her on feet, Rebecca should start pursing jobs to pay for her college.
Every child, whether living or not with married or divorced parents, go through the struggle of paying for college in today’s society. Many students who are in the same situation as Rebecca, have to earn money to go obtain their degree. Respectively, taking Rebecca’s issue into consideration, it is best for her parents not to pay for tuition, because she is not alone and she should learn how to handle the stress, how to be a young responsible adult, and how to deal with the reality in such circumstance instead of depending on the money from her divorced

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