Children Rights During Divorce Essay

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Children’s Rights during Divorce Proceedings Divorce is an ordeal that significantly affects the children as it does the parents. As a result of its negative impact, children’s rights during divorce proceedings to help them, their well-being a primary concern. The current divorce rights for involved children consider many aspects to provide families with the superlative remedy. The sole concern of the justice system, in terms of children’s rights during divorce proceedings, is to consider the best interest of the child. The Bill of Rights for children of divorce states the rights for children to have their age appropriate wishes and preferences made known to any court of law listened to by legal authorities. When making a decision, factors …show more content…
The Bill of Rights for children of divorce states the right of the children to “a sense of security and belonging derived from a loving, nurturing environment that is free of negative social influences such as drugs, alcohol, crime, bigotry and weapons in the home” (Canada Court Watch Program), and their right to “flourish in an atmosphere free of disrespect, exploitation, and neglect” (Canada Court Watch Program). These rights, included in the Bill of Rights for children of divorce, illustrate the current laws’ consideration of the emotional well-being of the children is involved. In order for a child to develop and become a responsible citizen of society, a positive atmosphere has to be established at the home, with it is all ensured to be sustained as a way of being the current laws. The laws ensure that children are brought up in a nurturing environment in which they feel loved and wanted. It protects that from feeling neglected, guilty, socially withdrawn, isolated and unloved, ensuring that they become good members of society when they become adults. The rights and current laws enforce the children’s freedom of conscience and freedom of thought, belief and expression under section 2b and 2c of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, respectively, because they ensure the child in an environment in which they feel comfortable enough to think whatever, have an opinion of their own and express themselves, appropriately, without the fear or negative influence of a parent or

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