The Inquiry Based Learning And Demonstrate The Features Of It

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This assignment will describe what is the inquiry based learning and demonstrate the features of it. Also, it will explain why this teaching approach can help younger children explore their family through the history curriculum. It also explains the strengths and weaknesses when using the inquiry based learning in early years classrooms. Examples will be provided to show how the inquiry based learning could be used in the history curriculum.

When people think about how children learn in the classroom, the thing that normally comes to the mind is the teacher standing in front of the class instructing to the students, and the students will need to sit on the chair to understand the knowledge that their teacher is teaching (Cox, n.d.). This is a traditional way of teaching students in the classroom. However, the teacher in today’s class uses a range of different teaching strategies to engage children’s learning, for example, the inquiry based learning. It is a broad pedagogical approach, which has enjoyed extensive supports by educators and education systems (Lutheran Education Queensland, n.d.).

Children love to explore and discover, so the inquiry based learning builds on the natural curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communication, and reflect (Engaging Children’s Minds, n.d.). In other words, inquiry based learning is a constructivist approach, which can be incorporated in many learning approaches, including ask, investigation,…

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