Gender Stereotypes In Sexual Advertising

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Sex is everywhere. It’s in TV shows, music, movies, on the radio, and especially advertisements. A lot of researchers have found that sex is the best thing that sells to people. Many people listen with their eyes which means that they make decisions based on looking instead of listening most of the time. Not only have researchers found that sex sells, but they have concluded that women are the best sellers of sex. Advertisements did not always contain sexual suggestions and intentions. However, many of the advertisements seen today are of the sexual nature. Although the use of sexual advertisements has affected the male gender throughout the years, advertising in general has affected women since the late 1800s.
Throughout the years, women have
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Therefore, the feminism movement of the 60s began. By the end of the 1960s, the National Organization for Women started trying to end the gender- based stereotypes in the media of America. (WR citation) Although not official, the term ‘feminist film’ has been used for movies made by women in the 60s. (WAM citation 84)
In 1973, Revlon came out with a campaign that was then later made a landmark campaign. This was the first commercial that Revlon had created where a woman was dressed in a business suit rather than in a sexual manner or otherwise. (WR citation) The ad was for a perfume called Charlie. Also, in 1975, the agency Advertising to Women was created. Their main goal was to reach out to confident, career- oriented women who were not controlled by their sexuality. (WR citation)
Advertising for and about women in the 1980s became more about being hard working business women as well as being fabulous moms on top of that. Of course, there were still advertising companies that thought sex and pornography were the only ways to reach people 's attention. However, many companies had since changed their mindset for the most part. For most companies, they had found a way to incorporate all the different sides to a woman. They somehow incorporated the sexy side, the business side, and the housewife side all in one.
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With this new way of advertising, ad companies could capture a moment and make it iconic and memorable to a certain demographic. There have been many studies throughout the years where researchers have tested the effects of sexual and non- sexual advertisements. (SR citation) In many cases, the results of the experiments came back saying that sexual ads were more memorable than non- sexual ads. On the other hand, researchers also found that if viewers were watching a program that was sexual or even violent, the viewer had had a harder time remembering the sexual advertisement. (SR citation) Therefore, a lot of different factors had to be taken into account when performing those experiments. A different experiment was also performed and researchers found that viewers remembered the ad better based on the beauty of the model rather than the product itself. (WI citation) Many people think that sexuality in advertisements only refers to nudity. However, sexuality can also mean visual materials and sexy language or words that are very appealing to the consumer. (UW

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