Essay on The Influence Of Media On Today 's Society

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The influence of media is an ever-growing power in today’s society from the news, TV shows to movies. There are subliminal messages, underling meanings or just obvious themes that are being projected onto the audience. The media is here weather you like it or not and as time goes by the influence of the media becomes stronger and stronger. Controversial subjects such as marijuana legalization, gay marriage or Obama care are all influenced by the media perception. Each news station has a political bias weather conservative or liberal, and will talk down on the opposing political party at any given time. And as far as gay marriage, there has been a flourishing number of TV shows on stations on the liberal side of the spectrum. Compared to the pioneer days of the television where it was taboo to talk about a touchy subject as gay marriage, there are many openly gay couples on television shows and movies. Wherever people go there are going to be television screens, whatever is on these screens effect the watcher weather they know it or not and this may happen subconsciously.
Everybody’s morals and outlooks on life are diverse. Most people’s morals and views are based on their religion. Shoving it in someone’s face that homosexual marriage is ‘wrong’ because it offends God, is wrong. You have to take in consideration that those people’s beliefs may be different of your own. In the Bible it says in Matthew 7:1-2 (The Holy Bible), “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in…

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