Gay Marriage Essay

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The true purpose of marriage
Gay people fight for marriage equality but they forget the true purpose of marriage.
Historically hhomosexuality where two individuals of the same sex are having a relationship has been a taboo subject and in some countries it is discouraged and/or illegal. In recent years homosexuality and gay marriage has been openly expressed and many countries have either legalised or a currently debating its legalisation. Despite what is happening in some countries Australia still maintains that marriage should be between a man and a women.
Ireland which is a very conservative and religious country held a referendum to legalise gay marriage and the people of Ireland voted "YES" to gay marriage. This has again sparked a debate
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A study from the Catholic University of America found that, 17% of children with gay parents had emotional problems compared to the 7% of children who had a mother and a father as parents.
Children of gay parents may want to know who the biological parents are which will then have additional emotional issues in which the children will have to cope with. Yale Child Study Centre psychiatrist Kyle Pruett found that children often ask their gay parents about their true parents and usually these children attempt to make contact with them. This may result in confusion and uncomfortable situation for all involved.
Not all gay individual want acceptance. Some in the gay community have an issue with normalise gayness as they have built a unique culture which they enjoy and want to protect. Some gay individuals want to be different and the differences that exist between them and the heterosexual peoplee. There may be a concern amount some gay individuals that this unique culture may struggle and perhaps even cease to exist if we normalise it. Thus changing how gay people identifies
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This will impact businesses, religious groups, political parties and the belief that having children with a minimum of three parents (biological parents and gay partners) is ok.
There are also other alternatives to marriage such as civil unions and domestic partnerships that provide the same benefits that marriage does, homosexual couples can have these, and there would be less controversy over what they have done.
Lots of pressure has been put on Australia after the recent events involving the referendum in Ireland but should not pressure Australia to legalize gay marriage. Australians are mixed in their acceptance of gay marriage, some believe that Australia is out of date and need to catchup, but others believe that Australia is built on traditional beliefs and roles and it’s the fabric of what makes Australia.
Australians who support gay marriage feel a sense of shame for Australia. They think we are lagging behind other countries. They think that “it’s time”, but “it’s time” doesn’t make a substantial argument neither does the need to do what other countries

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