The Infant Of Prague 's Service For Over 30 Years Essay

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The Infant of Prague has been in service for over 30 years. Founded by priests and lay people affiliated with the Catholic Diocese of Fresno, it is state and federally funded. The organization is ran by an Executive Board of Directors that oversee it, as it is a non-profit. While this organization helps Central California each county has its own structure; Executive Director, Office Manager, Business Manager and Social Work staff. Its devotion stressed special blessings for children and families (Kertzman, personal intv. 2015). As an agency they are dedicated to serving he needs of children by providing them with healthy families. Though even outside this organization and finding homes for these pure children, the foster care system can face problems in trying to place children. Some of these children come into foster care because they were in some way relinquished by the birth-parent(s) or when the birth-parent’s parental right have been terminated (Kertzman, personal intv. 2015). Terminations can be caused by some type of prior trauma the child has faced. Traumatic events include child abuse and neglect, exposure to domestic violence, community violence, and experiencing the violent death or a loved one, among some others (Dorsey et al. 21:816). It is The Infant of Prague’s duty to provide full service to help aid adoptive parents, birthparents, adoption counseling, and post adoptions services ( Adoptive parents program are for those…

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