Essay on The Incident Of Troy University 's Homecoming

846 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
“Something bad is about to happen,” I stated as I looked over to my cousin’s best friend. Apparently, I had spoken too soon. Pow! Pow! Shots were fired. Crowds of people were frantically running in every direction. What had just happened was not expected and had definitely never taken place before. Troy University’s Homecoming Weekend in the past years had never encountered violence on this level. There was maybe a fight here and there, but never gunshots. I had never been so scared in my life. Troy University Homecoming 2016 had officially been ruined after this night. That weekend began like any other homecoming weekend. It was filled with fraternity parties, tailgating, and much more. The previous night, me, my cousin, and her friends had all gotten dressed and ready to attend the Kappa Alpha Psi party at the recreation center. Upon our arrival, we were sadly informed that the recreation center had reached full capacity, and they were no longer letting students in. Highly disappointed, we headed home and took it as a loss. That just meant that the next night, we were going to have enough fun to make up for Friday night. Saturday rolls by and, of course, me and my girls made it a priority to get to the Omega Psi Phi party that night and to not get stuck waiting in line. They would not turn us around this time. We made sure all outfits were planned ahead, and we set a time for everyone to be ready. Since the party started at ten o’clock, we planned to be ready and…

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