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I have always enjoyed writing and had a great passion for it. Over the years I have had many up’s and down’s with writing for hobby and for school. My writing goals have faltered at times but are currently standing strong. The experiences I have had with writing, including teachers or just not having ideas, have affected me and my writing but hopefully they’ve have been used to their fullest potential to encourage me.
My typical writing process depends on what type of paper I am writing. If I am writing a research paper my first step is to do any research necessary and get that information down in some form. Then, no matter what sort of paper I am writing, I gather my main ideas and create an outline. My next step is to begin listing 3-6 point
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Starting with the negative experience first, I am choosing the one that sticks out to me the most. Senior year of high school my English teacher assigned us to write several papers over the course of a few weeks on the book Lord of the Flies. I loathed this book by the time we were done reading it. We did several quick stories and one essay on this book. The teacher gave us a week to write the essay and after they were graded we got them back and 2 days to completely rewrite them because they weren’t good enough. We got them back a second time to rewrite them again. Onto the positive experience, My Honor’s English teacher in my junior year was the most amazing English teacher I had. Yes, we wrote more in that class than any other English class but she made us enjoy it. She did things so that we enjoyed the books we read and the essays we wrote and everything in between.
The writer I respect most is John Green. There are many reasons why I respect this man so greatly. I commend him because in his books he makes a variety of readers become immersed in them. His books have been #1 Best Sellers and I feel that he has definitely earned that title for each of his books. He appeals to many different types of people young and old. John Green also has helped raise a great deal of money for charity by using

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