Personal Narrative: My Underwriting As A Career

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I have been very fortunate thus far in my college career to have had a lot of exposure to the world of my major. I have been able to talk to countless professionals in the insurance industry about possible jobs or positions that might interest me and fit my personality. After much thought I believe that underwriting is the career path that I am going to be getting into after graduating college. Since that is my choice, I decided it was a good idea to really look into what the day in the life of an underwriter is. I will be able to attain some firsthand experience this summer with my internship, but knowing what I’m throwing myself into will be more helpful than anything. According to the article, underwriting requires some skills such as being decisive and have excellent analytical skills (Struyk). Both of these reasons was something I weighed into my decision was I was picking insurance and finance as my majors. …show more content…
When looking at what the purpose of the bad news letter is, one must think what type of message they really want to give off. For my bad news letter, I was attempting to tell the audience, my employees, that the CFO of our company had been in a terrible car accident, but will make a full recovery over a period of time. Then explain to them how our company will be set up while he is recovering. After establishing that, I had look at the words and tone I need to use and decide the way I want to structure how I’m going to say it. I knew I needed to be sympathetic, but at the same time, make it seem like everything was going to work out just fine. I learned that I should inclusive words showing the company is one big family, as well as making sure I order the sentences so panic doesn’t set in. No one is ever ready for bad news, so making sure to use the right methods while telling them can make it a little easier to

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