Social Media Recruitment

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Using Social Media for Recruitment

Why is this topic important to employers and/or employees?

A general usage of social media has increased dramatically over the past decade. Social media is a huge part of upcoming young workers, especially because they all grew up using it on an everyday basis. Adopting social media for recruitment purposes has become highly beneficial not just for the employees but for employers as well as organizations. Studies show that in 2013 more than half of recruitment activities involved the use of social media (53%), and more than 65% of recruiters use social media for professional purposes. Additionally, 5 out 10 job seekers used social media one way or another to search for jobs and 7 out of 10 recruiters used
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Nigel Wright’s article on The impact of social media on recruitment, highlights all the main concerns involving the use of social media as well as social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook for recruiting. When hiring through social media, pool for potential candidates can be colossal. This leaves plenty room for referrals. It helps pick a suitable individual as well as gets the job done. Survey results indicate that more than 60% of the employees hired were candidates sourced through referrals and company hiring pages and almost 43% stay on the job for more than 3 years. (Jobvite, 2013). Other issues relating to the topic include transparency, discrimination hiring, self promotion and the wider issue of confidentiality, diversity and adoption trends of social media, and employer branding. Using social media can be accessible and straightforward however, it can also be difficult to understand which information provided is correct and which is incorrect. This leads to the question of transparency. Online profiles do not necessarily paint an accurate picture of the individual. On the other hand, some candidates in the marketplace are concerned about the security issues such as identity theft that can be associated with having personal information online. Whereas, others are worried of being discriminated by providing employers with demographic

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