The Importance Of Understanding Buyers Buyer Behavior

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A customer strategy, which is a carefully conceived plan that results in understanding the customer’s perceptions and maximizing customer satisfactions and responsiveness (Manning et. al, 2014), is a important strategic factor because it gives us as sellers a chance to collect data to help us understand our customers’ buying process and behavior.
Understanding Buyer Behavior:
Understanding your customers’ buying behavior is one of the elements that helps to be successful (Oakes). Knowing the difference between consumer and business buyer behavior is also very important because a business buyer is making purchases based on technical specification, and the consumer is often making purchases based on brand reputation or personal recommendations,
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“Although every customer is unique, salespeople need an understanding of the important social and psychological influences that tend to shape customers’ buying decisions” (Manning et. al, 2014, p. 161). Knowing why customers buy your products is very important. A seller needs to identify the needs, influences, and motives of their customers to make sure they suggest or present a product to their customer that adds value and meets their needs. Whether they’re buying a product because of an influence, perceived need or emotion and rationality, it’s important for us as sellers to adapt to those motives, whether they are a consumer or business buyer so can suggest a product that will fit their behavior, and provide the most value possible. This will help us fully understand our customers’ buyer behavior and help us build relationships with them, which could cause them to have patronage buying motives, which is when customers buy products to help a particular …show more content…
If we are working with a transactional process buyer, they are already aware of the product because they have completed research and know their needs, so we have to focus on making the purchase easy so the customer doesn’t try to compete with us. Knowing the customers buying process is a strategic factor in itself because we have to change our selling strategy to adapt to the customers buying process to make sure we can complete the sale smoothly. So whether they need help identifying their needs or teaming up with another organization to achieve a marketplace advantage, we as sellers need to adapt our sales approach so their buying process is not hindered and we complete the

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