The Importance Of Unconditional Love In My Life

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My parents have shown me unconditional love and support for as long as I can remember. They are genuine, compassionate, and successful in their career choices, and they encourage and support my thoughts and decisions. Because of their warm and positive relationship, I’ve learned what it means to love and appreciate the little things in life.

My older brother is an educated and successful occupational therapist in Kansas City, Missouri. I strive to maintain good grades and be the best version of myself because of his attitude and viewpoint on life.

My strengths include being organized, dedicated, and determined. I’m definitely a perfectionist and motivated to submit my best work. I’m very organized in the fact that I keep my planner
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After I create a list of solutions, I rank them and determine the best explanation for my problem. Next, I will focus on the tasks I need to complete, so I can efficiently solve the problem.

My core values include commitment, compassion, and motivation. Commitment shapes my life because I finish a task after I begin, and I am loyal to my family and friends. I am compassionate in the fact that I’m always willing to help someone in need. I’m entering the medical field because I have a compassionate heart and want the best for others. Because I am motivated, I strive to increase my knowledge and grow in the education field.

When I attempt to persuade others, I come up with thoughts and ideas the other person would consider important and use them to gain their side. I speak with relevant material to convince and persuade them to rethink their opinions. When I’m allowing myself to be persuaded, I pay attention to the terms and facts the other person uses so I can compare it to my own thoughts. The types of disagreements that work best for me include arguments that I have specific knowledge on and am passionate
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I’ve had the opportunity of working with her in the past, and I believe we are efficient and focused. I enjoy working with others because I have the ability gain a new perspective and viewpoint from an individual’s thoughts and opinions. The only concern that I have with group projects is that individuals will not put in an adequate amount of effort, but I have faith that Melody and I will work hard and succeed in this project.

I believe that critical thinking involves a long and careful process that an individual will use to determine his/her thoughts and ideas on a specific issue. Individuals will use critical thinking to determine solutions for a problem, ideas, and making important decisions. In relation to the Real Life Independent Challenge, I used critical thinking when I was trying to decipher my three main core values. I took my time to come up with best values that represented

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