The Importance Of Trust In Nursing

Nurses are professional caregivers and not a patient’s friend. Nurses are working to provide the best care for their patient and to help them during their healing process. A relationship between a patient and a nurse should involve trust, hospitality and communication.
First, trust is a big factor in creating a relationship with a patient. Being honest with a patient and not giving them false hope helps establish that trust. If you promise something to a patient, then you have to do what you promised. For example, in the video “Give My Daughter the Shot” a nurse promised her patient that they would get pain medication at a certain time and the nurse did not administer the medication at that time she promised. When this happens the trust is
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A nurse should be able to make a patient feel welcomed. A nurse should also check on the patient multiple times to make sure the patient feels as though they are receiving the best care. Also, checking on the patient multiple times makes them know that they can depend on you.
Lastly, communication is also important in creating that nurse-patient relationship. . A nurse can do this by making sure the patient knows your listening and restating what the patient said in his or her own words. A nurse can also do this by making sure he or she clearly understands what the patient wants. In addition, asking a patient what they prefer you to call them lets them know that you want to be respectful to them, when you are communicating with them.
Overall, I believe creating a nurse-patient relationship is important in providing the best care possible. A nurse has to be able to communicate with a patient to understand how they can help. A nurse has to develop trust with the patient, so that they feel comfortable telling them everything about their health. A nurse needs to show the spirit of hospitality so the patient does not feel like a burden on the

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