The Importance Of Trauma In My Life

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“You don’t spank your kid because of love.” This is the word my trainer said to her client during the home visitation. I remembered discussing about corporal punishment with the client at that time. On the way back, I told her my own childhood experience about the corporal punishment. After she heard about my experience, she said to me that my mom was wrong and this could cause severe damage to the child. I was a little uncomfortable and defensive at that time, yet, I didn’t say anything to her. But the question has planted in my heart. What is trauma? What causes a person to be traumatized? How come the statistics about trauma is so high in the United States? I even thought about the statistics being exaggerated.
I sometimes tease my parents that mom is a tiger and dad is a kitty. My mom is very strict with me when I was little. Even now, she is still very involved in my life. I remembered mom spanked me for my mistakes, even minor ones. She spanked me until I was 16. These memories have always so vivid in my mind. When everyone was discussing the trauma in class, I was thinking that I should be traumatized according to those discussions. The truth is I was not. On the contrary, I appreciate my mom’s discipline. My mom is the person I have the most
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When I was little, I told myself “Don’t do stupid things, otherwise, I will get punished by mom.” This has shaped me who I am in the first place. I was thinking the reasons why I wasn’t traumatized under her coercive education. I know mom spank me because she loves me. This is

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