Challenges Of College Students

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Young people today begin working part-time jobs when they start college, or even before they graduate high school. Students work for a variety of reasons and often work many hours during the week. Regardless of why or where students work, simply holding a job while in school can have a huge impact on their academic success. Students face a variety of challenges while trying to balance the demands of employment, socialization, and academics. There are many ways universities can accommodate students and help them balance work and school. There are many factors that play into academic success and it is important for students to maintain a balance in order to reach their potential.
From 2005 to 2009, the average full-time college student spent
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Moving away from home and not knowing anyone at their new school is a major challenge students may face right away. Transitioning from high school to college can be stressful and overwhelming for young students. Students may find that their classes are more difficult than when they were in high school and may receive their first low grades. The responsibility of making and keeping to a schedule on their own may also be difficult. In addition, some students, such as those looking to go to medical school following their undergraduate education, need to maintain excellent grades. These challenges alone can be overwhelming. Taking on jobs can create unnecessary and unmanageable stress for students if they cannot find the right …show more content…
Students often face issues with scheduling their classes around their work schedules and vice versa. For some, class times conflict with their work schedules. In cases like these, night, weekend, or online classes could be beneficial. Others have difficulty finding the time to meet with academic advisors in order to schedule classes or discuss academic requirements. Providing a way to meet with advisors online or over the phone can be helpful for those students. Another way colleges and universities can accommodate working students is by reducing their financial need to work by increasing need-based financial aid (Perna).
Students work for numerous reasons throughout their college careers. Between funding their education and paying bills, students are faced with many financial responsibilities that their parents’ generation did not face while in school. A student’s academic success is not determined solely by the number of hours he or she works during the week. Academic success depends on how much effort a student puts into school work and how busy he or she is throughout the year. It is imperative that students find a balance between academics and other outside activities to be

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